Thank You
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Thanks, Race Farms!

Groundhog Thanks Race Farms

For all of the fresh fruit and vegetables you supplied the "Little Lost Ones" say Thank-you so much.

Thank you Notes from Hope and Phil. Thank you...

Dr. Orange examines Cindarella

Dr. Barry Orange: for your dedication and continued support and care for the Wildlife at Wild baby Rescue Center.

(In the photo to the left Dr. Orange examines Cindarella the fox.)

To Jersey Wide Event Services: Reid, Lisa, Samantha, and Amanda, You make our annual Open House a success! An extra thanks to Amanda for donating her salary and tips for the day.

To Pat Stossla for donating those wonderful Hot Dogs for our Open House.

Our Web Master, Michele thank you for all the work you do. Our web site is AMAZING!

Thank-you to Master Gardeners: Jessie Vellenkamp and Janet Lyons-Fairbankes for our beautiful flower garden.

To the Mihatovs: for the extra caging and letting us use your pre-release caging for all those little squirrels.

10th Anniversary Cake by Lori Martin

Lori Martin: for our 10th Anniversary Raccoon Cake for our Open House. Both adorable and delicious.

To everyone who supports us and cares for our little ones, Thank-you so very much!

Thanks to Everyone who Helped Make Our 2009 Open House a Success!

On October 25 Wild Baby Rescue Center had its first Open House. Lisa and Reed McGowan and their daughter Samantha, who have been long time supporters donated their services for the day with their food concession stand, Jersey Wide Event Services, LLC., selling slushies, cotton candy, hot dogs, pop corn, pretzels, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  All of their earnings as well as the supplies used were donated to Wild Baby Rescue Center.

Master Gardeners Janet Lyons-Fairbanks and Lisa were on hand to answer questions on wildlife friendly gardening.

Many donated baked goods and Joy Fernbacher manned the bake sale table.

Our Interns, Lauren Stickle and Lindsay Modugno, and volunteers, Kelly Morin, Jessie Vellekamp, Kim and Lori Bessemer, Ruth Campo,  Lori Martin, and Jenn Moore were all on hand to lend their support and give tours to our more than 100 guests. We would like to thank everyone who made our first Open House such a success.

Wild Baby Rescue Center gives a huge Thank-you to Team Depot and Blairstown troop #758.

Todd and Jason work on a squirrel cage

About the Home Depot Event: Wild Baby Rescue Center, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Blairstown, that cares for New Jersey's injured and orphaned wildlife, has been selected by the Home Depot Team in Newton for a Home Depot volunteer project. On Saturday April 18, 2009 volunteers led by Renee Bochman supplied the man/woman power to build a fawn pen and fox/coyote den to house orphaned and injured fawns, fox kits and coyote pups. Volunteers from Hackettstown Home Depot joined Renee’s team.  “It was an extraordinary day with amazing people who truly care about New Jersey's wildlife. I don’t know how we will ever thank them enough” said Hope Davison, Executive Director.  “So many animals will profit from their work, both now and for years to come. We plan on naming the first male fawn “Homer Depot” for Team Depot who helped give a little fawns a second chance.”

The Kindness of a Stranger

After a very long day of caring for more than one hundred injured and orphaned wild babies I noticed that we were running low on yogurt and bananas. These are two items that are always needed to feed all the little wild ones.

Looking a bit tired and disheveled I headed for the local market. I proceeded to put 8 or 9 bunches of bananas in my cart along with 6 or 7 large containers of yogurt and wheeled my cart in line at the check-out. A woman came behind me asked why I had so many bananas and containers of yogurt. I explained that I run a wildlife rehab center and the bananas are a favorite of baby raccoons and opossums and that yogurt is mixed into all the formula adding extra calcium and live cultures which aid the babies' digestion.

The gentleman in front of me had checked-out and was fiddling with his bag of groceries at the end of the aisle. The check-out girl rang up my order. The man in front stepped back and said "I will be paying for this order." I looked at him and he said "Thank-you for all you do for the animals." I thanked him for his kindness and he left.

I never got his name, Deeds such as this make all the sacrifices, the long hours and exhaustion worth while. I will always remember the kindness of a stranger.

Cage-Building Day 2008

Thank-yous go to Irene McCormick, Bob Frail, Michelle Austin, Mike Sananman, Phil Davison, Elaine Dunn, Silvia Blelbtreu, Michele Lacey and Todd Wolenski, Chris Fraser for picking up and setting up the 6x8 dog run and RJ for picking up the donated 12 x12 dog run which we will make into a fox/coyote pen. Special thanks to Jason who designed and led the team in the building of the cages.