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There Are Many Ways to Give

Donate Money

By giving via PayPal, Google Wallet, or by check you provide support for the most critical needs of the Center, including specialized formulas, medications and equipment maintenance. Financial gifts are tax deductible and directly fund wildlife care. Everybody at Wild Baby Rescue is an unpaid volunteer. These donations help your furry friends who are going through a rough patch.

"Adopt" a Wildlife Patient

Through our guardianship program you can sponsor a fawn, fox, coyote, raccoon, opossum, groundhog, squirrel, bat or rabbit. Among your guardianship materials you'll get a photo and biography to put a fuzzy face with the name of the animal you helped save.

Supplies from our Wish List

We welcome donations of specific food items and supplies, as well as items that can be used to provide habitat enrichment for convalescing and orphaned patients. Our wish list is a list of items that are in constant demand.

Shopping and Searching Online

Did you know that some search engines and online shopping sites will donate to Wild Baby Rescue just because you've used their services on the web?

Get the Wild Baby Rescue Credit Card Through Capital One

With the Wild Baby Rescue credit card Capitol One will donate $50 to Wild Baby Rescue after your first purchase with the card. The Center earns 2% on supermarket/gasoline purchases and 1% on everything else. Each of the three card designs helps to spread the word about our important cause. Please carefully read all rules and regulations associated with the card and consider supporting us through this campaign.

Volunteer at the Center

Volunteer at Wild Baby Rescue

You might be suprised by the range of skills it takes to care for injured and orphaned animals. We're looking for a carpenter, seamstress, care-giver, gardener, and a fundraiser.

Awareness and youth Support

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Show Your Suport
Add a wildlife image to your desktop or link to us from your website or blog.

Youth and School Support
There are many ways for students, boy scouts, girl scouts, and schools to get involved.

Thank You to All Wild Baby Rescue Supporters!

Our Executive Director, Hope, would like to express her gratitude to the Center's many supporters.