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Enriching the Lives of our Wildlife

When wildlife comes to Wild Baby Rescue Center, they are frequently here for a while. Tiny orphans must grow up until they can care for themselves. Injured animals must heal before they can resume their wild lives. While they are here we do all we can to keep their lives as interesting and as stimulating as possible. This is called enrichment. Ideally enrichment should also resemble tasks that the animal will encounter in the wild.

Professor Lauren Bergy's students at Centenary College in Hackettstown have made some amazing enrichment projects for our orphaned and recovering wildlife:

digging box raccoons enjoying ice cube fox pond hammock large tube
A groundhog is in the digging box. Jesse makes ice cubes for the raccoons on hot summer days. Aurora in the fox pond. A Raccoon cub plays in a hammock. Mia's den is inside the tube.

Thanks to everyone who enriched the lives of our Wildlife.